RGB LED Lamps - 3D Printed

Double Helix DNA Lamp:

This lamp is definitely an absolute eye-catcher! A total of 28 RGB LEDs are incorporated. Through a recessed button on the front top of the base, a total of 42 different light settings can be selected.

This model was originally developed by Hedo3D developed. We remixed it and included a USB power port. We also designed a cover for the base plate. We also reprogrammed the light modes.

LED Ring Circle Halo Lamp:

This aesthetic lamp we have developed ourselves to 100%. You can control it with an app for Android or iOS via Bluetooth. There are hundreds of different mods. You can also use it as a VU meter. So music is controlled via an internal microphone or via AUX for better visualization.

We have provided the project free of charge to replicate.

VORTEX Mealstrom Swirl Whirlpool Machine

We have designed a fantastic vortex machine. By means of a regulator you can adjust the strength of the vortex. The lighting can be controlled individually. This can be controlled by push button, remote control or smartphone app.

And believe me, it looks even better in real than on the photos or videos. Also the light effect that shines on the ceiling looks absolutely great.

We have developed the project ourselves and made it available for free to copy.

LED Matrix 16×16 Raster Picture Frame WS2812B ESP32

This project comes from Scott Marley. We created a simple grid to be able to print it with a 3D printer.

Scott Marley shows on his Youtube channel some interesting possibilities that can be realized with such a 16×16 LED matrix.

Tinylev Acoustic Levitator Case

We have designed a housing for the DIY Project TinyLev Acoustic Levitator designed by UpnaLab which can be easily 3D printed.

You can thus control the strength of the drivers with pinpoint accuracy and read it from the display. There are two lighting methods. White light or UV light. See for yourself how easy it is to make small objects like styrofoam balls, alcohol or even an ant float:

RGB LED Matrix 32×32 with 1024 LEDs in an IKEA picture frame

We have designed a LED matrix for an IKEA picture frame. The 4 LED panels with 16×16 LEDs each are controlled with an ESP32 and WLED. So you have thousands of possibilities. The whole thing is also equipped with an INMP441 (digital microphone) to generate music animations.

One has the possibility to choose with a square hole grid or between a round hole grid.

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